"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

My new blog

Having a great hangover today, I decided starting the project Ive thought about for so long. Finally, after some hours fixing, I managed to get a decent design to this site including my already existing Norwegian blog in the same window. And thats not all. I even managed to create a paddling blog, where I will post kayaking trips and other outdoor activities I find myself doing. The first one is of a trip to Valldalen in western Norway where we went for a couple of weeks ago.

This blog will look upon the worlds issues, ideas (political and scientific) as well as Norwegian special cases that I find interesting to share with the international community. It will be from a highly liberal (in the European sense) point of view, and it will be a good way for me to practice my English writing skills.

So add my blog to your RSS-feed today, and Ill promise you that it will come a lot of interesting stuff from this blog. If you in addition want to add my outdoors activities, you can do it here.

Update: I also added a twitter-feed at the far right. This will be used to post small comments of what I am doing when Im on my run. Im travelling to Kiev this weekend, followed by Copenhagen and at last Brussel the next three weekends respectively.


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