"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

The best thing about Obama…

… is that he went to Chicago university. And we might need it during this time. Althought nothing is decided yet, it does seem like Obama will win tonight. Norwegian news have of course allways hoped for him, but they now seem to really understand the lack of difference between the two candidates. «The expectations are huge. Many looks forward to a major change. Its probably not coming», says Tønnsons, a researcher on peace, according to Whether this is because no one has said this before, or if its just that the media has not paid attention to these sayings I do not know. However, I suspect the last one.

But, as when last time a Democrat was elected, «its the economy, stupid». Obama har clearly won the economy-debate by good rhetoric, protectionism, a stricter finance system and reduced taxes in lower-income homes. Let us hope that he in addition has some of the Chicago-School spirit and that he, just as his former Democrat-president, will be promoting the importance of global trade for prosperity instead of the lose-lose protectionism.

What will happen to the Libertarian Party and Bob Barr? His views on abortion is maybe not the kind of libertarianism I want myself, but he do have a lot of interesting figures what-so-ever. To get a real alternative to the two parties in the US would truly be nice, because I am no fan of the social conservatism Republicans brings, nor the protectionism and anti-globalisation you sometimes find in Democrats. Of course, its not a real dilemma for me, I do not have the right to vote.


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