"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

October Revolution celebration

While sitting in a taxi from the Kiev airport friday, I saw some fireworks. The driver told me it was marking the October Revolution at November 7th. The October Revolution, I thought, do people celebrate that here?! The revolution was led by the Bolsheviks, and Lenin seized power in order to spread socialism to the Soviet area. They confiscated private bank accounts, took the church’s property and the soviets took over the control of factories. The results of the revolution has had major impacts on the world, not at least on the people itself. A picture that for ever will be in my mind was published by the Norwegian think-tank Civita in a book about totalitarianism. The label says «Cannibalism and hunger during Lenin – 1920.» The pictures displays a marketplace where people trade other dead people (photo of photo below text).

I was therefore more than moderately suprised when I saw the fireworks. Today, returning to a internet connection, I found some news indicating that «Nearly five thousand Communist Party adherents take part in a meeting on occasion of the October Revolution anniversary at Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv.», according to This could maybe explain the fireworks. However, it is very hard to believe that this happens in a country that generally moved on after the fall of Soviet. A solution might be found when talked to the one sitting next to me on the plane. He told me it was old people, and that they «eventually would extinct». Let us hope so. Atleast, another article at tells that «Left and right forces clashed in Lviv», showing that it is not only the blood-reds that have strong opinions about this day and the history of Ukraine.

Cannibalism during Lenin

Cannibalism during Lenin


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