"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

Morten Messerschmidt: «We do not have a immigration problem – we have a Muslim-problem!»

The leader of Danish People Party, Pia Kjærsgaard

The leader of Danish People Party, Pia Kjærsgaard

I am currently in Copenhagen, Denmark (written a week ago). There is a seminar here run by the Norwegian think-tank Civita, and today we visited their parliament (Folketinget) and listened to representatives from the parties Venstre, Konservative, Dansk Folkeparti and  on their views on freedom of speech, the coming age boom, (…) and immigration.  It was the last topic that struck me when we talked to Morten Messerschmidt representing Dansk Folkeparti (Danish people’s party) at the parliament.

He introduced the migration as a big challenge to Denmark. He proposed that some people should not get into the country, as they «did not contribute and just lived government money». These people where Muslims. Faced with some critical arguments about his view about this group he said: «We do not have an immigration problem – we have a Muslim-problem!» He then proposed more restricted immigration (and broader exclusion) policies for people from the muslim world – because they were muslims and therefore tied to social services and committed terrorism.

In their program of principles they say that they «want a land of free danish citizens» They do also oppose the idea of a multi-cultural society by definition. I dont find that as an idea of liberty.

This might be a bit hard for me to believe, but is this party really having about 14% of the votes in Denmark?! I just cannot imagine that several of my friends from around the world, many of them staying up longer than me at parties, should have some kind of terrorist mind because they call themselves muslims. And I did never believe that I would have to write a post like this in the western society – a society I thought had accepted freedom for all humans. Did you?


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