"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

– I love my airport job

I do get a bit annoyed at these security checkpoints at airports. Several times I have been stopped going through lately, my shoes must off, my bag serached. Harsh security guards with way too much testosterone takes away completely harmless toys like plastic sabres from a pirate-show are taken away from crying kids, while you are able to get large beef knives at the resturants inside. There is some sort of desperation in the governments action when they are trying to stop terrorists by not letting them take their soda drinks into the tax-free area.

As a friend of mine who previously worked at a airport, and Jeffrey Goldberg speaks about in this post, the security at airports are really just taking the stupid people. The smart terrorists (and I would assume the attacks at 9/11 were well-planned) will get away. Goldberg talks about what he brought through the security  gates; knives, false boarding passes and double set of burning liquid where some of them. The leader of Transportation Security Administration states it quite clearly:

“Do you know what you have on the inside of an airport?” Hawley asked me. “You have all the military traveling, you have guns, chemicals, jet fuel. So the idea that we would spend a whole lot of resources putting a perimeter around that, running every worker, 50,000 people, every day, through security—why in the heck would you do that? Because all they have to do is walk through clean and then have someone throw something over a fence.”

"I love my airport job",  a sign in Brussels airport.I mean, if this really is such a problem, maybe we should start focusing on some of the real issues? Getting me all irritated after having to take off my shoes, belt, phones, take out computers, liquids from backpack, for then to be closed body-searched by a swearing, sweat-smelling security guard is maybe not the best way after all.

A shine of light in the security-check administration is however observed. During my stay in Brussels this weekend a guard asked me kindly to open my bag and put all my items on the table. He also made a very kind request before he quite intensively body-checked me for attached bombs. The reason for this  was observed as I left the area: «I love my airport job».


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