"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"


Its a strange debate going on in Norway these days. The Blasphemy-paragraph is considered removed. The paragraph has not been in much use, but allowed our neighbours in the east, Sweden, to promoVerdens Gang 11. oktober 1950te Monty Pyton’s «Life of Brian» as «the film that is so funny it is illegal in Norway«. The last time someone lost in court due to this law, was Arnfred Olsen in 1912. He was charged 10 Norwegian kroner (about two dollars).

However, the politicians does of course want to replace it with something else. In 2011, PM Jens Stoltenberg, would like to vote on a new law that should be more liberalized than the one being voted (hopefully) down this year. What restrictions the government wants to have on the new law is not yet clear, not even for the politicians themselves. They do, atleast, promise it will allow «Life of Brian».  Punishments for simple words not threatning anyone is not right. Its the bully who punches you in the face because you said he was a bully in the first place.

Even as an atheist, I will agree on something my grand-grand father, a Rector in a Church on Western Norway, wrote in Verdens Gang 1950:

But those whom look upon the issue spiritually, would realize that it would be highly difficult to protect the religion by the means of punishment. The religion must stand on its own spiritual power.


3 februar, 2009 - Posted by | Civil Liberties

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