"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

Ula – a river in Rondane

Ula, or Stor-Ula, starts at the heart of Rondane, Norway oldest national park. The 500 metres you have to carry your your boat towards the put in is nothing but excitement for the scenic view of Rondeslottet and Rondetinden you towards. The first section is an easy but pleasant ride. After the portage at Brudesløret, the fun starts with some technicl boulder gardens, followed by the Ula-slides. Straight after the slides, there is a technical drop of 3 metres, which you do not want to hit left on the rocks.

Lars is walking to the put-in.

Lars is walking to the put-in.

Following that there is some smaller drops and setions unti you get to the Ula-falls: three successive waterfalls. The first one is exceptionally airy, but the last one is probably higher. They are all exceptionnally beautiful waterfalls, just make sure not to continue down the fourth.


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