"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

A whitewater experience in Portugal

I am drinking a coffee as we are lowering ourselves into the clouds above Porto airport. «Oh no», says the girl sitting next to me whom Ive talked to through the flight, «it seems like it is raining in Porto».

«Thats great!», I replied, and by her confused face I must have heard way more optimistic than any other tourist in Portugal would have reacted. And for good reasons.

Jonny is taking a deep breath for the portage down to Rio Cavado, upper section

When I first heard some friends were going to Portugal for kayaking, I envyed them. I hoped they would get no rain, so that my holiday would be better than theirs. Because, as every british paddler knows, rain fed rivers are unpredicable. Then my flight to Japan, and therefore also my complete christmas, was threatened by strike, I therefore rebooked the trip and joined Portugal instead. I could only pray to the kayaking gods that they would mercy my curse on the kayaking mission to Portugal, and give us rain and water after all.

It seems like my hedonism after all these years had truly pleased the kayaking Gods. From day one it started pouring down rain, and it did not stop. Starting in the Arcos De Valdevez area we tried to run Alto Vez, but it was too high. Indifferent for me anyways, Portugiese airports seemed to be well known to lose luggage on flights, including my kayaking gear.

In the following wednesdays, I will publish the river notes I did in Portugal. They are not complete, and should of course not be taken as a complete guide to Portugal (even as a guide they can be highly misleading). There is an English guide out there, and I would suggest you to hook up with some locals to show you the real good stuff. So stay tuned during the next weeks, for now, Ill republish Espen’s efforts on making a video of our trip:


15 mars, 2010 - Posted by | Kayaking, Outside Society

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  1. Så ut som dere fikk deres del med action på turen der 🙂

    Kommentar av Torkel | 15 mars, 2010

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