"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

Kayaking Rio Cavado and Rio Mouro

Jay on one of the slides in Rio Cavado

We tried Rio Minho, but instead of the 25-125 m3 suggested in the guidebook, we had maybe 600 m3, and it was all flat. A truly no-go. At the evening we managed to get another river in, the Rio Mouro WW IV-, a very nice eddie-hopping river with a nice drop we did not have time to do. Managed to get to the take-out 10 minutes before complete darkness, and loaded the kayaks on the cars blinded. A shame, the bonus section (that came afterwards) was supposed to be very nice.

Jonny is taking a deep breath for the portage down to Rio Cavado, upper section

Cavado is described in the guide to be one of Portugal’s top three rivers, and it did not ashame itself. We did a section a bit above the normal run, by walking a kilometre up from the uppermost village, and then carried the boats down to the river through a path made from landslide that gave us space from the torns. The first section WW III+ (IV) was a great warm-up, with some hints of how the most popular run was like. The Cavado run WW IV (V) was something for itself. Grand slides and intense eddie-hopping in a scenery taken out of Tolkien’s mind made it a spectacular river. Especially two slides are worth the whole trip to Portugal, make sure you don’t miss them.


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