"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

Rio Cabrao and Rio Olo

Rio Olo WW III / IV- is maybe Tua’s smaller brother. It had waves and trees in the river, but was fun, and we was also quickly guided by Jorge down this river. A good wake-up call for what lay ahead…

One of Rio Cabrao many rocky slides.

Cabrao (Portugese for male goat) was maybe the most nerve wrecking river of all Portugal. You are navigating through 1-2 m3 of water that is barely touching the rocks in its race with you towards the next pool of half a metre. And this race is long. Channels too small for boats, slides of lengths I barely thought was possible in such a rocky river, and with rapids of lengths far longer than men are supposed to paddle, Jorge lead the way with some shitty scared tourists just waiting for the shoulder to dislocate (after the run we heard the name and met the guy that named the run. It was actually called «shoulder dislocation»). This is the river to bring a local: we spent 20 minutes doing it, but we would probably spent the night there if we were to inspect all the rapids. Jay proclaimed the grading: «Its a WW II if you’re on the line, but a WW VI if you’re off…»

Jonny streches his neck down the last slide in Cabrao.


7 april, 2010 - Posted by | Kayaking, Outside Society

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