"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

Skogsåa – a gem in Telemark

Nice, steep creeks in a beautiful, sunny gorge. That is what Skogsåa is al about. And then of course, the 14 metre vertical slide.

Telemark is a gem of Norway if you know your way around. Ive only been there  once before, but when I heard people were going for Skogsåa, i easily jumped in the car and drove after. Although, I did not expect what I saw when we were hushed out of the cars halfway to put-in, only to see one of the most massive vertical slides Ive ever seen in, in between some trees in the far distance. It seemed impossible to think about anything else as you went down the very nice sections before – your mouth were dry already.

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But alas, there are dam construction plans for this river, that will ruin both the run and the beautiful landscape it runs thorugh. Why will they just not build a nuclear power station instead?!


26 mai, 2010 - Posted by | Kayaking, Outside Society

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