"Alle vil redde verden, men ingen vil hjelpe mamma med oppvasken"

XCreek i møreland

Helgens fest var på Xcreek i Volda. Vanngudene sto oss ikke helt bi, og konkurransen på fredag ble flyttet fra Rossåa i Ørsta til Bygdeelva i Hellesylt. Et flott strekke med mange morsomme punkter. Ellers ble det skliepadling i Liadalen utenfor Ørsta for meg og Jonny på lørdagen. Ikke mye vann, men mye god fart og helning. Søndagen gikk til årets (hittil) største elv: Jølstra. Her var det faktisk mulig å sette seg fast i et par valser, noe som har vært (tilnærmet) fraværende både på Korsika og i Portugal. Morsom åpning, og ellers en fin søndagselv med høy read-and-run-faktor. Søndagsnerver anbefales.


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Easter Corsica 2010

Thanks to all members of team Kjernegruppa for the trip! Pictures and river notes will come when my laptop is working again.

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Kayaking two sections of Rio Louredo

Jonny on Upper upper Rio Louredo

The last days of Portugal, we did Louredo 2 and the upper, upper Louredo WW IV+ (V). The second was packed with spots in a deep valley with fun and demanding moves. We spent loads of time scouting due to bad sight, but often finding a way past.

One time we had to walk 50 metre upstream, an acitivity that took about 30 minutes moving from eddie to eddie, in order to get past a point. It was, however, a river I would not miss, and the Louredo 2 was a good warm up for the following day’s upper part.

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Rio Cabrao and Rio Olo

Rio Olo WW III / IV- is maybe Tua’s smaller brother. It had waves and trees in the river, but was fun, and we was also quickly guided by Jorge down this river. A good wake-up call for what lay ahead…

One of Rio Cabrao many rocky slides.

Cabrao (Portugese for male goat) was maybe the most nerve wrecking river of all Portugal. You are navigating through 1-2 m3 of water that is barely touching the rocks in its race with you towards the next pool of half a metre. And this race is long. Channels too small for boats, slides of lengths I barely thought was possible in such a rocky river, and with rapids of lengths far longer than men are supposed to paddle, Jorge lead the way with some shitty scared tourists just waiting for the shoulder to dislocate (after the run we heard the name and met the guy that named the run. It was actually called «shoulder dislocation»). This is the river to bring a local: we spent 20 minutes doing it, but we would probably spent the night there if we were to inspect all the rapids. Jay proclaimed the grading: «Its a WW II if you’re on the line, but a WW VI if you’re off…»

Jonny streches his neck down the last slide in Cabrao.

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Kayaking Rio Cavado and Rio Mouro

Jay on one of the slides in Rio Cavado

We tried Rio Minho, but instead of the 25-125 m3 suggested in the guidebook, we had maybe 600 m3, and it was all flat. A truly no-go. At the evening we managed to get another river in, the Rio Mouro WW IV-, a very nice eddie-hopping river with a nice drop we did not have time to do. Managed to get to the take-out 10 minutes before complete darkness, and loaded the kayaks on the cars blinded. A shame, the bonus section (that came afterwards) was supposed to be very nice.

Jonny is taking a deep breath for the portage down to Rio Cavado, upper section

Cavado is described in the guide to be one of Portugal’s top three rivers, and it did not ashame itself. We did a section a bit above the normal run, by walking a kilometre up from the uppermost village, and then carried the boats down to the river through a path made from landslide that gave us space from the torns. The first section WW III+ (IV) was a great warm-up, with some hints of how the most popular run was like. The Cavado run WW IV (V) was something for itself. Grand slides and intense eddie-hopping in a scenery taken out of Tolkien’s mind made it a spectacular river. Especially two slides are worth the whole trip to Portugal, make sure you don’t miss them.

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Kayaking Rio Tua

My first big real river in Portugal was Rio Tua WW IV- (IV). The Tua was big, big, big. It had several metre high waves, and very few stoppers at our waterlevel. Most was just pure fun, and some nervousness, when you threw yourself off a wave, reassuring yourself you’re not falling into a large hole. Its a large valley, with a nice view all throughout.

Espen takes a shot of the river Tua.

The last section had some nasty holes you didnt want to catch with your boat, but was easy to inspect from right. At take-out we met some nice dam-workers telling us the not so nice plan of damming the river, schedued next winter. Lets hope they fail.

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Jeg snører min sekk, jeg smører mine ski

Siste tur før birken: Sognsvann - Ullevålsseter i et rolig tempo

I kveld reiser jeg opp mot  snø, sol og Rena. Menn, kvinner og gærne toppidrettskonsernsjefer. Jeg tar BirkenToget, og kan våkne opp i Rena noen timer før start. I går hadde jeg siste tur før dagen, der jeg selvfølgelig måtte krype til korset og påføre skiene mine klister. Men fobien for det klissete og ekle smøregreiene forsvant i den lykkerusen jeg

fikk av ski med god feste. I dag har jeg glidet skiene (og lært meg hvordan man glider) på et tørkestativ, og lagt en tynn base med isklister, alt etter swix’ smøreguide. For å smøre sine ski til birken er visst ikke som i gamledager, der jeg slang på litt blå ekstra. Heller ikke er sekkesnøring er noe å kimse av, her skal det være 3.5kg, og jeg har fylt opp to poser med mel for å få en fleksibel vekt under turen.


Gjennom løypa skal jeg forsøke å holde venner og kjente oppdaterte. Derfor kommer jeg til å ta med iPhonen som med jevne mellomrom vil sende gps-dataene ut på @SimenOnBirk . Om batteriet holder hele løypa får vi se, men det ser hvertfall ikke ut til at været kommer til å fryse den i stykker.

Vi får se, slår jeg noen av de hjerteflimrende konsernsjefene i førtiårskrisa så er jeg fornøyd!

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A whitewater experience in Portugal

I am drinking a coffee as we are lowering ourselves into the clouds above Porto airport. «Oh no», says the girl sitting next to me whom Ive talked to through the flight, «it seems like it is raining in Porto».

«Thats great!», I replied, and by her confused face I must have heard way more optimistic than any other tourist in Portugal would have reacted. And for good reasons.

Jonny is taking a deep breath for the portage down to Rio Cavado, upper section

When I first heard some friends were going to Portugal for kayaking, I envyed them. I hoped they would get no rain, so that my holiday would be better than theirs. Because, as every british paddler knows, rain fed rivers are unpredicable. Then my flight to Japan, and therefore also my complete christmas, was threatened by strike, I therefore rebooked the trip and joined Portugal instead. I could only pray to the kayaking gods that they would mercy my curse on the kayaking mission to Portugal, and give us rain and water after all.

It seems like my hedonism after all these years had truly pleased the kayaking Gods. From day one it started pouring down rain, and it did not stop. Starting in the Arcos De Valdevez area we tried to run Alto Vez, but it was too high. Indifferent for me anyways, Portugiese airports seemed to be well known to lose luggage on flights, including my kayaking gear.

In the following wednesdays, I will publish the river notes I did in Portugal. They are not complete, and should of course not be taken as a complete guide to Portugal (even as a guide they can be highly misleading). There is an English guide out there, and I would suggest you to hook up with some locals to show you the real good stuff. So stay tuned during the next weeks, for now, Ill republish Espen’s efforts on making a video of our trip:

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Dream Result

Is it anything that makes your pulse beat harder than nine bums telling you that you have to keep on exploring new continents, new waterfalls and to push the limits of humanity accompanied by fantastic sceneries of exactly those waterfalls and a gothic choire-music that makes you feel you are in the middle of a battle with ten thousand horse-riding saracens charging from behind?

That was atleast what I felt when I watched the trailer of the new kayaking movie Dream Result. I have no clue whether the movie itself is a good one, but it has received alot of attention so far in the kayaking community, so lets hope they can continue my rush of blood through my veins. Movie ordered.

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The Financial Modelers’ Manifesto

Jeg kan verken Dungeon&Dragons, har mattemedaljer eller går med rynkefrie skjorter. Allikevel virker det moro å være en quant.

I morges har jeg lest om modeller i matematisk finans. Etter å ha gjort en oppgave i matematisk finans i et av emnene jeg tar denne våren på UiO om matematisk finans og simplex-algoritmen (INF-MAT 3370), der hovedoppgaven var å bevise at det ikke eksisterer noen arbitrage hvis og bare hvis det finnes en risikonøytral sannsynlighetsmål (fritt oversatt fra risk neutral measure, og gud vet hva dette egentlig betyr), har jeg fått sansen for anvendt matematikk. I går fant jeg et tidsskrift som introduserte meg for ordet quant: en som arbeider med matematisk finans.

Modeller som skal spre risiko, skille dårlige verdipapirer fra bedre eller vurdere om et firma er frisk eller dårlig går alle under betegnelsen matematisk finans. Etter å ha lest de første sidene i Emanuel Derman’s bok «My life as a quant» i morges, gav det videre mersmak. Også, i forbindelse med finanskrisen publiserte Derman sammen med Paul Willmott «The Financial Modelers’ Manifesto» som kritiserer de strukturerte finansproduktene alle har blitt så glad i det siste året. Deres hippokratiske ed faller i god smak. Tross alt, finansiell matematikk er ingen rakettvitenskap. Og ja, manifestet mimer «The Communst manifesto»:

I will remember that I didn’t make the world, and it doesn’t satisfy my equations.

Though I will use models boldly to estimate value, I will not be overly impressed by mathematics.

I will never sacrifice reality for elegance without explaining why I have done so.

Nor will I give the people who use my model false comfort about its accuracy. Instead, I will make explicit its assumptions and oversights.

I understand that my work may have enormous effects on society and the economy, many of them beyond my comprehension.

Hentet fra Emanuel Dermans blogg.

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